2020 Kidding Schedule

Buttin Heads Tempal Gate x Dragonfly AV Ikran

Sisters Three Jemma x DragonFly AV Ikran

Virdis Montis Pandora x DragonFly AV Ikran

Virsdis Montis Goldie x DragonFly AV Ikran

The Water Lily x TBD

The Double Trouble Molly x Fairlea Aureous

Hopriver Nigerians Cassie x Fairlea Aureous

Icthus Silver Plume x Fairlea Aureous

The TBL Tiger Lily x Fairlea Aureous

Dragonfly THO Gersemi x Fairlea Aueous

Carlie (Boer) x Boer

Katie (Boer/Nubian) x Boer



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Phone: 860-800-6543