The South African Boer goat is generally recognized as the meat goat of the world. Eighty percent of the world eats red meat and sixty percent of all red meat consumed in the world is goat meat which translates to about 63% of the world eating goat meat. It would seem that the South African Boer goat is a major contributor in this arena. Producing meat goats is a 21st century industry in the United States due to the fact that the immigration of people from third world countries is increasing. With an eager base of ethnic consumers, the demand for goat meat continues to grow in the United States each year. The importation of goat meat into the United States is estimated over 30 million dollars annually. Currently the demand for goat meat is so high in the United States that only 20% of the current supply is domestically produced. Eighty percent of the goat meat consumed in the U.S. today is imported from Australia and New Zealand. We want to change that, at least locally!

We are maintaining a herd of pure bred and part-bred Boers. We are supplying not only goat meat, but seed-stock for the homesteader looking to raise up their own. Please contact us for more information.



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