Kowalyshyn 17028 QR

Also known as "Hilary"

DOB February 5th, 2017


Lambing Record:

2018 single ram

2019 twins M/F

Sire by: Kowalyshyn 1413

Sired by F&P Groverman 5429 and out of F&P Groverman 5986 AI

This ram is 100% Groverman genetics

Dam: Kowalyshyn 15046

Sired by Kowalyshyn 13141 and out of Kowalyshyn FAAF 0947

This ewe is 88% Groverman genetics

This ewe is heavily line bred on Groverman genetics. The Groverman Shropshire flock has been closed to outside genetics for over a decade and a half, except for the use of New Zealand and English semen. The flock has been rigorously selected for growth since the 1950s and 1960s and for increased muscling using ultrasound for the last decade and a half. Fred believes that F&P Groverman 5429, Nancy's Grandsire, is the best ram he has raised in 65+ years of raising 

Lambing History:

2018 single ram

2019 twin rams

2020 TBD



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