The Indonesian chicken breed known as Ayam Cemani is the ALL BLACK chicken you hear so much about! Their feathers are black. Their skin is black. Cut open an Ayam Cemani and you’ll find black muscle anchored to black bones. Even their organs are black. 


In some countries, Ayam Cemani are renowned as much for the mystical powers of their black meat as they are for their extraordinary ink-black feathers that shimmer with a metallic sheen of beetle green and purple. The Hatching House has acquired our Ayam Cemani from different USA and UK breeders. There is, and has been for many many years, a ban against importing directly from Indonesia. So we work with what lines we can legally obtain and breed to produce the best possible specimen we can in the USA.


Ayam Cemani are friendly birds, and the hens lay an average of 100 cream-colored eggs. A typical laying cycle lasts for about 20 to 30 eggs, then the hen will stop laying for three to six months. The eggs are unusually large in proportion to the size of the hen’s body. 


Our breeding flock as carefully been selected for their BLACK qualities. No member of our flock has leakage in their feathers, pink toes, pink mouths or mulberry in their wattles. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in offspring but we do not sell chicks that we would not grow out for ourselves!


Note: a single pet quality chick is sometimes available. Ask us using the contact page or via email.

Ayam Cemani

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  • This breed is offered straight run. We are not confident enough in  our sexing of this breed to be 80% or higher in accuracy. If you raise out a rooster, and do not want him, please just let us know. We offer a rooster surrender program where you can return roosters, age 12-25 weeks, back to the farm. There is no refund, we offer this as a courtesy. 



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