Crèvecoeur chickens are one of the oldest of the standard-bred fowls of France. The breed gets its name from Crève-Coeur en Ange, a small town in Normandy, France. The breed’s name translates as “broken heart” as in the romantic sense. 


Solid black in color, Crèvecoeur chickens have crests and beards of moderate size, compact, well-proportioned bodies, and short legs. Their heads are adorned with a distinctive “v” comb. 
The breed was developed principally for the quality of its flesh. Crèvecoeur chickens have small, fine bones and the proportion of meat to offal can be quite high. The skin on this breed is white. And the meat is noted for being fine, short, and very white in the breasts and the leg meat can be quite dark and almost duck-like in color. 


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  • This breed is offered straight run. We are not confident enough in  our sexing of this breed to be 80% or higher in accuracy. If you raise out a rooster, and do not want him, please just let us know. We offer a rooster surrender program where you can return roosters, age 12-25 weeks, back to the farm. There is no refund, we offer this as a courtesy. 



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