Breeding results can vary depending on what types of breeds are used and if they are pure. Olive Egger chickens will vary greatly in appearance, body type, etc., and are not an official breed with a set of standards. However, they are becoming quite popular with breeders and backyard enthusiasts as a way to diversify egg colors in your egg basket. 


Our Olive Egger chickens are produced from a crossing of breeds to create a hybrid that is a strong egg layer and deep green shaded eggs. Many breeders simply cross a blue egg layer like a Easter Egger, Ameraucana or even a Legbar to a dark brown egg layer like the Marans or even Welsummers. We at The Hatching House take our recipe a step further. By crossing a particular type of Dark egg laying Maran to our green egg laying Isbar - Silverudd’s blue we get a beautiful shade of olive green and they are sexlinked. This means we can easily identify female chicks at hatch! We offer females only at $15

Olive Egger

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  • We can sex these by color at hatch!



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