William Cook was a humble coachman living in the Kentish town of Orpington, in England, and he had an idea. He began crossing Minorca roosters with Black Plymouth Rock hens, and then the offspring to clean-legged Langshan chickens. His goal was to develop a hardy, fast growing chicken that laid well and yet had the table qualities the British market sought. In 1886 he introduced his creation to the public – it was a success and within 10 years Orpington chickens were well established in England and began to be exported to other countries.


All of the English Orpington colors we have are from Imported stock. All of our flocks are direct imports or the offspring of imports. We have tried to maintain the intergity of the breed origins while working on our type and style. We are working hard to have a nice "fluffy" bird but that also has function and just not form. Egg laying and longevity are an important part of what makes the Orpington a great bird!


This has been a very hard pattern for us working with splits. We have finally gotten out flock to a good spot and are not working on the correct feather pattern. Chocolate mottled should NOT be just a chocolate bird with white splotches. The feather tips should be a uniform white spot with dark band.

Orpington - Chocolate Mottled

  • This breed is offered straight run. We are not confident enough in  our sexing of this breed to be 80% or higher in accuracy. If you raise out a rooster, and do not want him, please just let us know. We offer a rooster surrender program where you can return roosters, age 12-25 weeks, back to the farm. There is no refund, we offer this as a courtesy. 



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