We will have a selection of started pullets starting the first week of April and have them regularly throughout the spring/summer. All pullets will be 6 weeks old or so when they are ready to go to your coop. No heat lamps needed. 


The $10 is a "started pullet GROWING OUT FEE". This covers feed, bedding, heat lamp, care etc. for the 6 weeks. You will still be responsible for the regular price of the chick, at pick up, per our normal website prices.


Every 2 weeks, starting March 15th, an inventory will be sent to those that have paid to reserve a started pullet. You can select to add your name to a particular breed/color/variety then. If you don't see anything you are interested in that batch, you can pass until the next two weeks, and remain at the top of the list! 


We will be growing out MOST of our breeds/varieties plus some others breeds we are testing the waters with. Those that made reservations will always have priority. You can even add your "wish list" in the notes section when you place your order.


If you just want to wait and see whats available without a reservation, thats fine too. We plan to keep an inventory on this site current. 



Started Pullet Reservation



    418 Lisbon Road, Canterbury, CT 06331


    (please respect our privacy by only coming to the farm by appointment)


    Email: TheHatchingHouse@gmail.com


    Phone: 860-234-4250