Our main focus in adding sheep is the Shropshire. This breed of black faced sheep have been around since the early 1800s. The first importation of Shropshires into the United States was made into Virginia about 1855. By 1880 Shropshires had spread through most of the colonies having farm flocks. The Shropshire's adaptability to all kinds of pasture land, hardiness to withstand our variable climate, close and oily wool to shield them from the snows and sleet, their longevity and prolifically, and many other outstanding qualities made them the perfect choice for our New England farm. 

The Shropshire is one of the heaviest wool producers among the medium-wool breeds. The fleece is dense and elastic to the touch, light shrinking and of a quality which is readily marketable. Rams may produce a fleece of 10 to 14 pounds while ewes will shear an average of 9 to 11 pounds, both with an average of 24.5 to 32.5 microns. Considering our strong fiber background, we thought a dual purpose sheep would be an asset to the farm. While we would love additional staple length for spinning, their average of  2.5-4 inches works just fine for our needs. We also love that we can scour out the lanolin for many of the products we create on the farm!

Shropshires are a medium sized sheep which stresses soundness, carcass quality and breed type. Shropshire lambs are hardy, vigorous and meaty.  Mature weights for Shropshire rams will vary from 225 to 250 pounds. Female Shropshires will range in size from 150 to 180 pounds. 

If you are interested in lamb for your family, or to raise sheep for your homestead, send us a message. We are happy to help.



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