Colored Eggs? Oh my!!

March 14, 2018

Did you ever wonder what makes so many beautiful egg colors?


Did you know ALL eggs start out white in color! It is pigments deposited in the hen’s oviduct that creates all the beautiful colors! 


Blue egg layers, like Ameraucana and Cream Legbars, have the pigment oocyanin deposited on the egg, permeating the shell resulting in the interior and exterior of the egg shell being the same blue color. 


Chickens that lay brown tinted eggs deposit the pigment protoporphyrin on the eggs late in the process and just before the egg is laid. The pigment does not penetrate the interior of the egg, but tints only the surface of the egg. This is why on super dark layers, like Marans, you can often see scratches in the pigment. 



Olive Eggers have a brown pigment that overlays a blue egg shell resulting in a green egg. The darker the brown pigment the more olive color of the resulting egg. The color green can vastly vary. There is only one pure bred Green egg layer that I know of, the Silverudds Blue (formerly known as Isbar). We use this breed crossed with our Marans to create our Olive eggs in a variety of shades of green! Sometimes we even have speckles. We call our line “The Green Queens”.


What is bloom? It is the natural coating on the eggshell that seals the eggshell pores. The bloom helps to prevent bacteria from getting inside the shell and reduces moisture loss from the egg. Bloom can vary in the coating and when it is thicker it tents to add a pretty opacity to the shell. You commonly see this in Croad Langshans and even in some Marans lines.


There are so many variations and shades of colored eggs. Don't you love them all??

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